In Review: Game of Thrones, “The Queen’s Justice”

This one was a doozy. Let’s jump right in.

(Apologies for being a day late in the response – alas, I have a job and it was rather busy on Monday and Tuesday!)

A Word Battle of Ice and Fire

First question – how much time passed between last week and this one? We have to assume it took at least a month plus for Jon to travel from Winterfell to Dragonstone – even with good weather.

Okay, so Jon and Dany finally met!! (And she still thinks she is the last Targaryen HA!) And let me say, I have made it no secret that Jon is my favorite character, but every time Dany commands a room, I get chills from her words.

However! Jon freaking took command this episode and I loved it. Dany is not used to people denying her things, and he made her look like a spoiled brat, with Jon dropping some battle-worn knowledge at her feet.

Consider – Dany has had her dragons, yes. And yes, she was sold, raped, had to suffer in the past, lost her love, was cursed (this was her own damn fault) – but she was always able to emerge from the flames in a majestic rebirth, causing her to accumulate more followers with each setback. Jon on the other hand… He hasn’t been treated with the same reverence. Jon was a simple bastard who went to the wall to make something of himself. He battled ancient evils, had to fake backstabbing, actually back-stab, return from backstabbing, and suffer more death than he could count. For uniting the free folk with the men on the wall, he was rewarded with many, many knives to the heart – and death. He is brought back to life and once again, resumes command of the watch that killed him. He excels in honor and knows more about duty than Dany has been able to learn.

And this contrast between the two is no more obvious then when the introductions begin. Dany opens with ten minutes of her titles and accomplishments (sparing none, literally) and Jon comes with just his name. How many amazing things has he done, not for the glory, but for the good and honor of doing those things? He didn’t even let Davos throw his resurrection in Dany’s face! It really, truly did make Dany & Crew look like the children that Jon accused them of being — because he is the one who truly knows the real enemy. And he knows they will not bow to any titles, just a fist holding dragonglass going through their hearts.

Second Question – Dany acted awfully petulant considering Jon and Crew gave up their weapons and vessels home – why? It isn’t making her look very good.

Third Question – Can Dany humble herself enough to learn from Jon and his experiences? The thing is, once you place yourself on a pedestal, you remove yourself from being able to learn from those below you. (In truth, Jon is doing this with Sansa, which is a real issue – but separate from this one.) Can she step down long enough to converse with him?

I guess later on, she kinda does that by letting him mine the dragonglass – but she is not doing it out of understanding for the White Walkers (even though she has three DRAGONS), but because she is running out of allies, and fast.

I guess this is to expedite their eventual nuptials. Or at least a hook up. That kind of “I’m your Aunt” and “I’m your nephew” incestual tension never gets old on Game of Thrones!

Melisandre and Varys Exchange an Inside Joke

My favorite character I hate to love seems to be leaving – which seems inopportune because she knows more than she lets on (She said she joined the song of ice and fire, y’all – she said the real title!) particularly with Varys. We know she will be back because they both have to die in Westeros.

Have to?? Whaa??? Huh???? More details please!! Says who?? And Why??

Honestly out of all of the mysteries swirling right now, that one has me the most puzzled, since it was important enough to be mentioned but not important enough to be explained….

Tyrion’s Trial of Thoughts and Actions

Oh Tyrion – I do really want him to succeed. At heart he is such a good man (I mean look at the way he straight up told Jon “I didn’t have sex with your sister I married as a sham”) but he is making some mistakes. He is being out-thought by Cersei. And for the first time Olenna’s advice of avoiding the advice of clever men seems to be hitting home. There are a lot of chess pieces that Tyrion doesn’t seem to be taking into account (Uh, Euron, for one). Tyrion is a political mastermind, not a warmonger. Which is why his seemingly clever plan to invade Casterly Rock falls under the womp, womp, womp noise category.

That brings me to…

Jorah Can Touch People Again

The OG counselor to Dany is healed and by now is certainly aware that she is in Westeros trying to take over the Iron Throne. As much as he annoyed me the past three or something seasons, I can see where his importance may come back into play. He understands war a lot better than Tyrion. Maybe together they can be the #1 advisory team. I mean they didn’t spend all this time focusing on his path to healing just so that we could see Harry Sam Potter cure him.

And as a reward H. Sam Potter gets to go through and rewrite a bunch of old scrolls that will inevitably have some important info for us to learn. (Whoohoo) Still too convenient, but… whatever. Still love Sam.

Snow Makes People Crazy

Things are still weird as ever in the North.

Sansa is just trying to be the queen administrator that she is – getting food, clothes, necessities (you know, the things women seem to recognize are important) and Littlefinger starts on a crazed tirade about knowing your enemies.

Chill man, we will fight the enemies – but we can’t go do that naked (and afraid) and hungry. In winter. When we are all dead because of the White Walkers.

Also, Bran is back (Whoohoo) but we seem to be way more excited about it than he is, cause his face was as blank as a new checkbook. Also, after not seeing his sister since before he fell out of that tower in Episode 1 – he decides the best conversation to open with is –

“heeeyyy, so like, remember the night you got raped, man? You looked pretty, dude. Yo, also, I’m like the three-eyed raven so like I need to talk to Jon, man. I know everyyyythinnnng now. Yeahh, the three-eyed raven told me what to do, but like, I AM the three-eyed raven, man. (You go inside, I’m going to stay here with my paralyzed legs.)”

…. he could have spent 5 more minutes explaining what the hell is going on with him instead of rambling like a stoned teenager coming back from college for Christmas.

Oh Doesn’t Revenge Taste… Bitter

Cersei is at it again, this time slinking down to the dungeons to exact some rather poetic revenge. After receiving the Sands from Euron, (and a rather odd second proposal.. Which she accepted… While Jamie looked on in horror) she drags them down to the dungeon, chains them up with just enough slack that they are both out of reach of one another, and kisses Tyene with the same freaking poison they killed her daughter with (thank god, cause that lip color was horrendous) and leaves Ellaria to watch her daughter, not just die, but rot away into bones and rags. Harsh. But from the motherly perspective, which was Cersei’s only redeeming perspective, fair (plus interest).

However, her initial reaction afterwards… taking those once poisoned lips to one of Jamie’s remaining limbs… well, forgive me for being more “yikes” than “yay”.

Cause she is crazy.

And Jamie is falling for it.

Because he is doing what men do – thinking with the wrong brain!


Olenna Tyrell. As we know she was good. She was very, very good.

But this episode – she was a goddess. She didn’t beg or plead. She didn’t question the inevitability of what was to come. She inquired about the level of pain, threw back the poison, and then threw a level of shade that eclipsed all of Westeros.

“Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me.”

And now, the garden of flowers has died. And there is no more revenge for Cersei to claim on her house.

And we will all shout Olenna’s name in joyous celebration of her fiery wit until the very end. The absolutely best death scene GoT has had in years. Just, chills, and satisfaction from the look on Jamie’s face.

Other Notes

  • Time in general: How are all of these narratives matching up, since they all seem to be happening at different paces?? Maybe the show runners need to release a timeline key or something, because it is obvious that Sam’s world is not moving at the same pace as Jon’s or the others. In fact, I still believe we are moving way too fast. Why cut down the amount of episodes and increase the content?? This is the final Harry Potter book dilemma all over again!!
  • Theon lives and is hated by everyone (what else is new?) and they all think Yara is dead. To be fair, what is Euron going to do with her?
  • Is Cersei having all the women in King’s Landing cut their hair off or just her maidservant?
  • When did Varys have time to go to the tanning salon?
  • Where has the Hound been? I mean, talk about opening with emphasis and then ignoring him the rest of the time.
  • Arya – I hope your journey is going well. Please go to Winterfell and kill all these men (LITTLEFINGER) that are messing with your sister.


by the old gods and the new,



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