In Review, Game of Thrones, “Eastwatch”

Y’ALL I CANNOT. I’m going to go way fangirl here, so pardon the gushing/internet speak/craziness that is about to unfold.

And seriously, as if I don’t need to say so already – SPOILERS-MAGEE – because last night was in-freaking-sane. There is a LOT to break down here, so let’s get to it.

Abandon All Pacing, Ye Who Enter Here

Let’s be real, at this point, all sense of space and time is gone — it took one episode (ONE, UNO, UN) for Davos to row Tyrion to King’s Landing and row him back! In the past that would have been a two-three episode deal at least!

With this being said, I am going to abandon my commentary on pacing. I have been saying it from Ep. 1 this season, but I am just accepting that without the books to structure space and time, they are going to fall into TV tropes, as per usual on dramatic TV shows.

It is settled then. Moving on.


(LOL I am horrible at foreign language — I used Google Translate for this, but I feel English is not a strong enough language for my feelings)


And while everyone else got jetpacks to move around Westeros, apparently ice zombies must walk really slowly, because they are still on the move, after what must have been at least a month plus now??

But it is confirmed that Bran still shares a connection with the Night King, so how much will he truly be able to spy on him? I do wonder how his power is going to come into play, because right now, its like a nice head’s up, but not exactly the ace in the hole.

Danerys Gets a Little Heated

Dany, Dany, Dany.

Ruling by fear will not win you the following you created by ruling with love and true justice. Serving a house they have sworn to defend does not make these men evil. Burning them for refusing to give up that oath at the first sign of death are not the actions of a noble leader.

I think Dany is overwhelmed. She is finally getting a grasp for Westeros and the politics, family loyalty, and downright madness that slinks across the land. Her fire upon the Lannister supply chain was the action of impatience, a sign of immaturity. Her fire upon the Tarly’s for holding true to their words was cruelty. And, in all honesty, if she can’t get that fiery need for vengeance under control, she is going to lose my vote for homecoming queen. (All Hail Jon Snow!)

It is good to see that she takes the threat from the North seriously now (but let’s be real, its actually her hard-core crush on Jon Snow that she is taking seriously) and I am glad to see that they are able to work outside their mutual stubbornness.

Super excited to see how she fares against the mind games of Cersei – Dany may be powerful, but she doesn’t know how to play the game. These two will make for an interesting clash (of kings/queens??).

Jon Targaryen, Rightful King of Westeros and of Our Hearts

Sam, I swear, we did not send you to school so you could become another man that doesn’t listen to women. Seriously.

Okay, I get that he is frustrated the Maester’s are not taking the threat in the North seriously. And I’m sure he didn’t want to hear about bowel movements. But when the name Rheghar and ANNULMENT come out of Gilly’s mouth, by the gods, Sam, listen! This is your best friend we are talking about here!

Without real confirmation (but let’s be real, basically), we take what we learned last season, which is Jon is Lyanna’s son, we take what we learned last night, which is Rhegar got an annulment, and we take what we saw, which was Jon PET a DRAGON like it was his friend Fido the dog, and we can only come to one conclusion:


Also he is crushing real hard on his Aunt Dany, which I guess is better than bro/sis? But still bad? But I want it to happen?? (what is this show doing to me????)

Dear Jamie

Please join Tyrion and leave your sister. We can see that wheel turning in your head already, especially based on the fact you didn’t kill your brother when you saw him. You know there is more to life than banging your sister right?

Gendry isn’t Rowing Anymore!

In fact, he has been on land this whole time and very, very ready to fight. Gendry has the same weapon his father wielded, a battle hammer. We were lucky (?) to see a preview of it in action, and one thing is clear. Gendry does not mess around.

My question: when will Jon and Gendry discuss Arya? Because I would love for Jon to get all morose about not seeing her and Gendry be like, I could tell you a story or two about Arya Stark — and the pride on Jon’s face when he hears she learned how to use Needle (lest we forget the original giver of that gift!) and what a bad-ass she has turned into.

The Avengers Assemble

We now have the ultimate north of the wall power team, ready to go catch themselves an ice zombie. The Hound and crew (true followers of the Lord of Light – curious what they will make of Jon Snow when they find out he was brought back to life by said Lord), Jon, the Wildlings, Mormont (a true Northerner!), and Gendry are all headed out, and by the looks of the previews for next week, things may not go so well?

Power Struggles in the North

Anyone else think that Littlefinger may be a Faceless Assassin? The way that he slunk out of the shadows, spying on Arya, Queen of Slunking in Shadows, it makes you wonder if there is more to Littlefinger than we thought. Maybe, post-humiliation at losing Catelyn’s hand, he ventured abroad and learned the skills he needed to beat any person he ever challenged again. Or it could just be that he is still the creepy af mofo we have come to know and loathe.

Still, we all thought that Arya was down and out when earning her place among the faceless, and she was ahead of the game the whole time. Maybe, Arya wants Littlefinger to know she is on to him for some strange reason.

Either way, Sansa doesn’t realize who her true allies are. Arya is confronting her with some hard truths – Sansa wants to be Queen in the North. It is only the glimmer of her parent’s memory, and the vile memories of King’s Landing, keeping her from becoming a mini-Cersei. Hopefully Sansa can confront those truths and learn to trust her sister.

In return, one hopes Arya can attempt to understand Sansa’s pain. Looking at this from Arya’s mind, you realize she left Sansa as a lady in King’s Landing and returned to find her a lady in Winterfell, always surrounded by nice things and those that would listen to her commands. Arya has not had that luxury. But Arya also missed Sansa’s hardships along the way.

Basically, these sisters need a come-to-Jesus chat about how neither one of them has had it the best, but together, they could be the best.

And what the heck was on that scroll? I’ve been looking at stills from the scene all morning and this is the best I can figure out:

“…is dead, killed from wounds he took in a…”

“…Joffery and tried to steal his throne. (The Lannisters?)…”

“…king’s landing and swear fealty to King Joffery and…”

“Your faithful Sister,


Why on earth this raven is so important beats me. Only thing I can think of is post-Ned’s death when Cersei told Sansa to write home and encourage the rest of the Starks to pledge fealty to Joffery. But why is this so important?? Is Littlefinger setting Arya up??

Other Notes

  • We got to see Davos in full smuggling glory, and it was actually fantastic. He was good! And until Tyrion showed up, he was going to get away 30 Dragon’s lighter but without a blow struck. Really hope Davos makes it out of this saga alive.
  • I get that the three riders of the dragon’s theory is a popular one, but right now I don’t really care about it They haven’t really alluded to it fully in the show, so until they drop some more serious hints, I’m focusing more on my Jonny boy and where he is headed next.
  • Varys went from being one of my least favorite characters to one of the absolute best. Seriously. Hearing his internal struggles when serving the Mad King was eye-opening. And I give him credit for recognizing his role in the madness and working to prevent further madness from befalling the realm.
  • How and when did Tyrion arrange a meeting with Bronn? How did they get in contact? Anyone else curious just how that whole thing got set up? Seems like we kinda glanced past the details.
  • I think Cersei is lying about the baby. Calling it now – I think that she is lying because she feels Jamie’s allegiances waning and she needed to pull him back in. That or she isn’t lying and she is going to lose the child.
  • Samwell Tarly is now the only living Tarly heir left. It would be helpful if he uses the resources his father left behind to do some work for our Targaryen friends?

Two more to go. And as we know by Game of Thrones history, the last two episodes are always the craziest. And if they stick with this formula, then things are really going to get crazy, considering the pace we are currently going.

By the old gods and the new,



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