Monday Musing: Timing the Journey

God, being consistent is tough. You'd think because writing has always been "my thing" that I would prioritize my time to write every day, right? Wrong. Oh so wrong. Hilarious too, because life has been moving much quicker these past few weeks, in a way that would give me plenty to write about. But sometimes … Continue reading Monday Musing: Timing the Journey


Tidbits and Oddities: Podcast Recommendations

My podcast obsession began during the last election, when I was spending hours upon hours collecting spending data, compiling spreadsheets, and creating reports. There was really only so long I could listen to music before feeling like a hammer was banging over my head. I needed stimulation of the mind! The numbers were killing me! … Continue reading Tidbits and Oddities: Podcast Recommendations

In Review: Game of Thrones, “The Dragon and the Wolf”

There have been some pretty intense, packed Game of Thrones episodes, but this one takes the cake. The Dragon Pit This was quite the opening of "Hey, how are you, haven't seen you since Season 4/5/6" between all these characters. To think, we have been watching all these separate stories go on for so long, … Continue reading In Review: Game of Thrones, “The Dragon and the Wolf”